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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday, 23 January 2014
Irrigation Controller Hunter XCore600
Price: $206.00
Price With GST: $236.90
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Hunter XCore 6 Zone c/w Plug in Transformer We offer a range of irrigation controllers from basic to advanced. We can assist you in selecting the right option for now and into the future.


This model is not waterproof and needs to be installed in a shed.  Contact us for price with a waterproof casing.  

These Hunter controllers are robust, long lasting, functional, easy to install and relatively easy to programme.

For any basic irrigation functions running solenoid valves this controller is all you need.  Just wire the numbered solenoid valves with the 'common' and pump start relay into the numbered slots on the base of the controller.  Then programme and you are up and running!

Also very easy to manually trigger one or all of the solenoid valves from the manual dial on the front of the controller.

3 programmes each with 4 timings so a maximum of 12 irrigations can be programmed per day.

Optional extras

 Utilise solar integration with the Solar Integrator Controller activating the Hunter Controller.  Grower Technology's Technician can modify the XCore 6 to receive an input from the Solar Integration Controller so irrigation can be triggered by solar.  Cost NZ$120 + GST





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