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Hydroponic Kitset
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Home Growers Genuine Hydroponics Kitset.

Kit includes:
Hydroponic gullies 1.50m long X 3
Hydroponic Pump
Feed piping to system
20 Growpots for hydroponic plants
7.5 Litres Coir Seeding/Growing media
Hydroponic nutrient suitable for 6 months continuous use
3 months free telephone support

A proven system for growing vegetables and flowers at home (as pictured)

Media and pots provided to get seedlings going from seed and simply pop into hydroponics
kitset. Plants can also be purchased at Garden Centre's and placed in pots and put directly into system.

Kitset can be placed in a sheltered position and need not be in a greenhouse or conservatory. Kitset prefers to be in full sun or partial shade and is ideally suited to decks and apartment buildings.

Plants grown can include  lettuces, watercress, basil, coriander, rocket, chives, water cress and many many more......

Not a complicated system and system is supplied completely ready to go, simply add plants, water and nutrient (supplied) and you are growing hydroponically. Nutrients are managed by dumping the tank once per week. The instructions indicate how much diluted stock nutrient to put in of A and B nutrient to get a desired CF/EC. This is satisfactory for a kitset this size but if you wish to test the nutrient regularly we have EC meters that can do this for you.
pH is not as important in hydroponics as it is in soil growing because you don't need to
account for soil colloid interactions. 99% of town water supplies are pH neutral so there should be no issues.
Bugs are not much of a problem on most crops like lettuce, flowers, watercress, herbs etc..If one pops use diluted dishwashing liquid works well or a spray from a garden centre.
Remember there will be no slugs or snails!
We have many years experience in growing with kit sets and have never adjusted pH with great success. This kit has been developed to be economic and particularly simple so anyone can use it. However we do offer free telephone support for any queries you may have.

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