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Most Commercial vegetables these days are grown in a hydroponic system.  Whether that be in a glass house with NFT or using growbags and feeding hydroponically.  

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Commercial Blended Nutrient with quality ingredients. Made to order....

Price $85.00
price With GST$97.75
blended nutrient55

Nutrient recommended for kitset or small non commercial...

Price $34.78
price With GST$40.00
calibration sol cf 27.75
Price $12.95
price With GST$14.89
calibration sol cf 27.79
Price $12.95
price With GST$14.89
calibration sol ph 7
Price $12.95
price With GST$14.89
dec 07 002
Price $243.48
price With GST$280.00
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Combo pH & EC mini controller to handle simple dosing requirements

Price $1,220.00
price With GST$1,403.00
ec pen 004
Price $79.95
price With GST$91.94
end cap 100x 50

PVC End Cap especially designed for use with Hydroponic Gully

Price $2.20
price With GST$2.20