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Also known as Coco peat or Cocos, Coir is the fully environmentally sustainable growing medium on the rise.  Plants love it!  Grower Technology are exclusive New Zealand and Pacific Island suppliers of high quality Pelemix coir.  So for course grades for orchids or Anthurium, to medium grades for Gerbera, Cucumber, Tomato, Capsicums, Eggplant to finer grades for propagation choose Pelemix coir from Grower Technology.

This can come in pallets of bare blocks, grow bags, open top bags - just let us know your needs.

For bulk purchases contact us directly for a quote.


General Purpose 100% coir Block containing fines and fibre

Price $8.13
price With GST$9.35
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Coir Blocks Crush Pro 30 GP/70 Chip & Fines

Price $8.13
price With GST$9.35
coir open top bags

Coir Open Top Bags

Price $1.63
price With GST$1.87