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Climate Control

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Cooling Fans
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The fan has a centrifugal misting unit attached. As water drips over the centrifugal attachment the water atomizes to a fine fog that is distributed by the fan. The fog is thrown a maximum of 10 Meters but the effective-ness of the cooling continues in the general flow of the air movement. Ideally the air convection from the number of fans installed is enough to have circulation in the full greenhouse or propagation area.

The fans are oscillating and the oscillation can be disabled or adjusted. 240V single phase is needed to power the fan and also the small sub-mersible pump that circulates the water over the centrifugal attachment.

The water attached to the fan fills from a ballcock controlled reservoir which is filled from mains pressure. Excess water not atomized returns to this reservoir.

Automation can be applied* so the misting only occurs when the humid-ity is below a set point.

* requires installation of additional lines and solenoid valve and a con-troller such as an AutoFog or Multigrow


 misting fan air flow: 180 M3/MIN.

 Fan blade:26" with metal guard.

 Drop the temperature about 2-8 centigrade – 30m2.

 3 speeds for fan.

 Spray effective distance 2-10 meter.

 Fan oscillation adjustable.

 Diameter of atomized drip smaller 10 um.

 Tank design: connected to s

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